How to round single corner in Illustrator

How to Round One Corner of Shape in Illustrator

Rounding a specific corner of a shape in Illustrator is very easy once you understand the process. You can not only select a single corner inside or outside of a shape but also the entire side or sides of any object.

How to Round One Corner

  1. Go to the Direct Selection Tool( A ), this tool will turn pointer arrow white. Click on your object you want to edit.
  2. Notice the circles that appear around the object( inside and out ). Click on the one you want to alter.
  3. It’s important to unclick otherwise you will affect all corners.
  4. You will know you have the corner selected because the circle will be white.
  5. Click and drag until you are happy with the corners radius size.
  6. If you see red around the corner then you have reached the radius limit.

Useful Tips for Rounding Corners

How to Select Multiple Corners at Once

With the Direct Selection Tool( A ) click and drag over the corners you would like to alter. You can now change all the corners selected at one time.

How to Create Precision Corners

If you need to create a corner or corners that have a radius that are a certain px value then with the Direct Selection Tool( A ) click and drag over the corners you would like to change.

This will bring up a new menu option called Corners within the menu( Properties ) on the right. You can now input a exact px value for the corner radius.

How to Change the Corner Style of a Object

Follow the same steps as above and click on the Corners menu option. This will bring up a submenu with more options.

Corners: You can change the corner type to Round( default ), Inverted Round, or Chamfer. A chamfer edge will be completely flat with sharp corners.

Radius: Input the corner’s radius value in pixels.

Rounding: Choose from relative or absolute rounding. The difference between the two are very minor.


That’s it! Hopefully you have now learned all the ways to utilize the corner option within the Direct Selection Tool to get your desired affect. Whether that’s one or multiple corners at a time.

Please comment below to let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on other topics you would like covered.

Thank you for reading!

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