How to Draw a Star in Inkscape (Easy!)

In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a star design in Inkscape. Along with that, I show how to create different variations and how to draw a nautical star.

Step 1 – Using the Stars and Polygons Tool

While using the Stars and Polygons Tool( * ) make sure to have the star shape selected along with the Corners option set to 5.

Step 2 – Set the Spoke Ratio

The Spoke ratio number determines the thickness of the sides(spokes) of the star. For a more straight spoked star, a Spoke ratio of around .39 is recommended. .58 is good for a more rounded look.

How to Draw A Star Straight

To draw a star straight so that the two bottom edges align you need to move the cursor to the left while holding down Ctrl. Doing this then slowly spinning the star shape in 15-degree increments allows for the star to be perfectly aligned straight.

How to Get Rounded Corners on A Star

Rounded Star

To get rounded corners for a star, first, select Corners (Fillet/Chamfer) from the Path Effects menu. With the star shape selected and using the Nodes Tool( N ) hold Shift and click on a corner, enter a Knot distance, select Fillet, and then hit Modify. Do this for every corner.

The Rounded option next to the Spoke ratio determines the roundness of all the points. Using this option allows for an easy way to draw a starfish. Not really recommended for much else as it tends to warp the shape of the star.

How to Draw a Nautical Star

Nautical Star

First toggle on snapping to nodes( global ), snapping to cusp nodes, snapping to misc. points( global), and snapping to object midpoint. Now draw a small perfect circle by holding down Ctrl, drag it into the star until it snaps to the center of the star.

With the Bezier Pen tool ( B ) start at the top point of the star and draw down to the center of the circle. It will snap to it automatically. From there draw a line to the right side corner and continue back to the top to close off the path. Repeat this five times.

Select all the drawn sides of the star by holding down Shift while clicking on them and set your desired fill color.

Delete the small circle in the middle and select all the shapes and the star and hit ( Ctrl G ) and that will group everything together.

Draw a Multiple Star design

Multiple Stars

To create a multiple star design is simple. Once you have drawn your star to your liking, select it and hit ( Ctrl D ) to duplicate the star shape.

Move it to the right and shrink it down by selecting a corner. Make sure to hold down ( Crtl ) while doing it so the shape does not warp.

Double click on the star to bring up the rotate handles and while holding down ( Ctrl ) rotate it two clicks to the right.

Hit ( Ctrl D ) again to duplicate this star. Hit ( H ) to horizontally flip it. While holding ( Ctrl ) drag the second star across to the left to roughly match the position of the first.

In the Align and Distribute tab () while all three stars are selected choose (Make horizontal gaps between objects equal ) under the Distribute section.


Now you have all the knowledge needed to create simple to more complex star designs in Inkscape.




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