How to Draw a Pizza Design (Easy!)

In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a pizza slice only using simple shapes. Using Inkscape path functions allow for the shapes to be combined, manipulated, and cut. Knowing these basic concepts will translate to pretty much any other design. Watch the video below or follow the step-by-step guide.



SVG file download at the bottomĀ 


Step 1 – Draw a Rectangle and Two Circles

Draw a big rectangle and select the fill color #e9be3. Draw two perfect circles inside of it and make sure to have stroke applied and no fill color. Holding down CTRL while drawing the circles ensures they will not become ovals. The bigger circle will end up being the crust of the pizza.

Click on both circles by holding SHIFT while clicking and in the Align and Distribute tab select center on the vertical axis and horizontal axis. Combine them by going to the Path tab and selecting Combine in the dropdown.


Step 2 – Draw Dividing Lines

Using the pen tool draw a line straight through the circles, press ENTER to end the path. In the align and distribute tab select center on the vertical axis. Press CTRL D to duplicate the path, click twice for the rotate handles. Rotate the second path 3 * to the right.

Select both drawn paths plus the circles and combine by selecting Combine again in the dropdown. Select that shape and the rectangle, go to the path tab at the top of the screen and select Path Division. Select everything except the rectangle and set a stroke width of 6px.


Step 3 – Delete and Rotate

Delete everything except for the sectioned-off slice of pizza shape. Rotate the pizza clockwise at about 10 degrees. Select the top circle and use #d5996f for the fill.


Step 4 – Add Pepperoni

Draw three small circles(holding down CTRL) about the size in the image. Place them in the same arrangement and set the stroke width to be 5px.

While holding SHIFT select all three circles and go to Path then Path Combine in the dropdown(CRTL + K). Select the pizza and hit CTRL D to duplicate the shape. While still having the duplicated pizza shape selected, SHIFT click and select the pepperonis and in the Path menu select Path Divison(CTRL + /). Now delete the leftover pieces.

The fill color is #dc784e and #bd5f1d for the stroke color.


Step 5 – Add Pizza Drips

Using the Rectangle tool draw out a rectangle about the size in the image. Make sure the stoke is set to 5px, fill color matches the pizza and that the edges are rounded completely. This can be achieved by using the Edit Paths by Nodes tool(N), clicking the rectangle and dragging down the circle in the right-hand corner as far as it goes.

Hit CTRL D and duplicate it 4 * and place them matching the picture. While having all 4 selected, select the pizza(SHIFT click) and go to the Path menu and select Path Union(CTRL +).


Step 6 – Round the Crust

Using the Edit Paths by Nodes(N) tool select the left edge of the pizza crust in the middle. Pull out the line matching the image. Now select the entire crust, go to the Path menu and select Stroke to Path(CTRL + ALT + C). Hit N and edit the inner path of the crust to match the image.


Download the SVG file HERE


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