How to Add Curves or Round Corners in Inkscape

Making corners of objects or paths is very easy to do in Inkscape. Below is a guide on how to accomplish rounding corners with different shapes and in different scenarios.

How to Round Corners on a Square or Rectangle

First, draw out your desired shape in Inkscape. Whether it’s a square or rectangle, the same process works for both. Remember to draw a square hold down ( Ctrl ) to lock to ensure all sides will be even. After you have your shape switch to the Edit Paths by Nodes tool( N ) and click on the shape.

Notice a small circle in the right-hand corner of the object. Click on that and drag it down to increase the curve of all the corners. It will continue to curve the corners until the object turns into a circle or cylinder.

If you happen to know what is the radius of the curve you can manually enter those values.

Select the Squares and Rectangles tool( R ) and navigate to the top bar. There will be an Rx and a Ry field. Enter your numbers and select your desired measuring increment.


If you need to remove the rounded corners from your object and go back to straight edges, in the top menu select the grey L-shaped button. This removes all curves and makes corners sharp again.

How to Round Corners of Triangles and Polygons

There are two ways to curve the edges of triangles and polygons.

First, create your desired shape. To do this go to the Stars and Polygons tool( * ). In the top bar there enter the number of corners you want your object to have and hit ( Enter ) on the keyboard. You can change this value even after you have drawn your shape.

Remember when drawing out a triangle to hold down ( Ctrl ) to allow for precise rotation or to be drawn out completely straight.

If you are drawing a polygon and need to be straight, make sure to move the cursor to the top left corner. This will allow you to rotate it into place with the bottom edge being flat.

To round the edges of your shape go to the Path tab at the top and select Path Effects( Ctrl & ) from the dropdown. Click on the plus button and type in “corner” into the search field. and select the Corners(Fillet/Chamfer) path effect.

Using the Edit Paths by Nodes tool( N ) and clicking on the object you will now see green circles at all the corners. Click on one will allow you to round that corner. This is how you round only certain corners of an object.

If you want precise rounding of all the corners, hold down ( Shift ) and click on a green circle. In the menu enter a number into the Knot Distance field and make sure Fillet is selected. Do this for all the corners you want rounded.

How to Round the Corners of Lines or Paths

Whether you have drawn single lines or custom paths with the Bezier Pen tool, rounding edges and corners is easy.

After you have drawn your path go to the Object tab in the top menu and select Fill and Stroke( Ctrl Shift F ) from the dropdown. In this menu go to the Stroke style tab and select Round for the join and round for the cap. Now wherever a path meets another path it will be rounded as well when a path ends.

How to Round One Corner of an Object

If you need only to round a single corner or a single side of a rectangle or square go to the Path tab in the top menu and select Path Effects from the dropdown. Hit the ( + ) button to add a path effect and look for Corners(Fillet/Chamfer).

When using the Edit Paths by Nodes tool( N ) every corner will have a green node that can be pulled to round the corner. If you need a precise number just hold down ( Shift ) and click on a green node. Make sure to have Fillet selected for a normal curving effect.




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