How to add and edit text in photopea

Become a Photopea Expert: Learn How to Add and Edit Text

Adding text to a Photopea project is very easy to do. Along with adding text, you have many options to completely customize your text.

How to Add Text in Photopea

  1. Click on the Type Tool button in the left side menu or hit ( T ) for the keyboard shortcut.
  2. Click anywhere on the canvas and begin typing your text.
  3. Hit ( Ctrl + Enter ) when you are happy with your added text.

That’s it for adding adding text. If you need to edit the actual text content then you just need to double click on the text. This will bring up a blinking cursor within the text and you can edit the text by deleting or retyping the words/letters you need.

How to Resize Text

In Photopea there are a couple of options to resize to make it bigger or smaller for your needs.

The most accurate way to resize text to a specific pixel value is to:

  1. Double click on the text.
  2. Make sure all of the text is highlighted. There should be a black box around it.
  3. On the top of the page under the main menu there is a Size input field. Click in that box and enter your desired pixel size in the box, no need to add px to your number.

Note that you can also click the arrow next to this box and use the slider. This is a great way to visually understand how big your text will be compared to other page elements. This slider tops out at 150px. You will need to type in a value if you want a font size bigger then that.

A quick way to resize text is to switch to the Move tool ( V ), click on the text and that will bring up a bounding box with 9 square nodes. Click on the top or bottom middle square node and drag it either in to make the text smaller or out to make it bigger.

Hit ( Enter ) once your happy with the size.

Using the Move tool will also allow you to move the text anywhere you want within the document.

How to Align Text

If you have multiple text objects in your document and want to align them to each other then follow these steps:

  1. Select all text objects by clicking and dragging over them or holding down ( Shift ) and clicking on them one by one in the document or layers panel.
  2. In the row below the main menu you will now have options to align the text at the end of the row.
  3. You can align text horizontally or vertically, allowing you to center or align left/right edges.

If you have 3 or more pieces of text you can align the space between them either horizontally or vertically. These will be the last buttons n the sections, hover them and it will pop up Equal Gaps.

This feature will take the distance between the two furthest text objects and make the calculations for equal distance spacing for all the selected objects.

How to Rotate Text

  1. To rotate text, first select the move tool ( V ).
  2. Hover the cursor around the corner edge of the text until you see a double sided arrow pointing vertically and horizontally.
  3. Click and drag to begin rotating the text.
  4. Hold ( Shift ) to rotate the text in 15 degree increments.

By default the anchor point for rotation is in the center, you can move that point(square) anywhere and that will become the new point point for rotating.

How to Outline and Change Text Color

  1. To an a outline to text, first select the move tool ( V ).
  2. Double click on the text and make sure all of the text is highlighted. There should be a black box around it.
  3. This will open up the Text options row at the top under the main menu.
  4. To change the color of the text, click on the black box next to the vertical 3 dots. This will bring up a color picker for the text.
  5. Click on the three dots and in the submenu you will see the option to add a stroke color along with the width. This will outline the text.

Not only can you add a outline to the text or change it’s color you can also add a background that will encompass the entirety of the text object.

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