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Hey! I’m Joe and I’m glad you stopped by. I’m a web developer by trade but really enjoy creating graphic designs too. I have over 5 years of freelance experience building websites and have worked with numerous clients in creating their visions. Weather that’s creating a website from the ground up or creating bespoke web designs.

Way before code and websites I sketched, always have. I’ve been sketching for a long time now and when I’m not working on sites I like to doodle and create vector designs. I love to make cool stickers or just graphics that can be used with a Cricut machine.

Check out my shop here if you’re interested.

Aside from this blog I run The Pixel Producer channel on YouTube, a channel made for learning about various graphic design software and how to create the graphics you want no matter your skill level. Each of my videos showcases step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow designed for the beginner. Videos will have written instructions as well that have a source file download(included in the video description).

I’m a lifelong learner and enjoy passing my hard-earned knowledge on to others.

My YouTube Channel

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Please feel free to reach out to me if you have questions, comments. I’m happy to help!

joe @ thepixelproducer . com

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